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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Edison Square" have to do with Disney?

Walt Disney's early plans for Disneyland included a street named Edison Square that was going to be a branch off of Main Street U.S.A. It was going to have animatronic exhibits about the impact of electricity on the United States, most of which were eventually incorporated into the Carousel of Progress.

Where can I buy your albums?

We've had some problems with album sales of late. Due to legal wranglings over some of our songs, we've had to agree to destroy all stock on hand in exchange for not having our asses sued. Fortunately, a bunch of albums were sold or shipped to dealers for future sale before we reached this agreement. Try eBay or some of the places in the Google ads on our site. You might also try posting to Disney discussion boards and see if there's someone out there who has an extra copy. We're trying to get our unproblematic songs on iTunes, too.

I know our stuff is hard to get, but please don't pirate it! We're having enough trouble financially, and if we can't sell our stuff, we're doomed.

When is your next album coming out?

In 2008. We hope. We haven't decided on a title yet, but we guarantee that this time it'll include "I Fought the Mouse (and the Mouse Won)."

Why don't you have anything about Viewliner on the site?

Because Viewliner was a sucky, sucky first album that we went heavily into debt self-publishing when every record company on the planet was right to reject it. Also, from the jacket everyone thought that the band's name was Viewliner and that the album was called Edison Square. Seriously, it was just embarassing.

To make matters worse, there's a song on there that was made back when we thought Eisner was a good guy. Dear Lord, please never let that piece of crap see the light of day again.

Where Can I see you play?

Check the tour info page. We only play infrequently because we all have pretty hectic day jobs, but when we can get out, we rock!

The next time I see you play, can I request "Kiss the Girl"?


Can my band play one of your songs?

Sure – we're pretty cool about that. If you want to play one of our parodies, just let us know that you're doing it and make sure you get permission from the owner of the rights to the music as well. For our non parodies, just let us know and you're free to perform.

All we ask is that you give us credit and that you don't make commercial recordings (or even non-commercial ones) without discussing it with us first.

What song is (name of song) a parody of?

Check the lyrics page for the song. If it's a parody, check out the "Notes" section and see if it has a credit. If there's no credit, it's not a parody.

Are those your real names?


Why aren't there any photos on your Web site?

For the same reason that we don't use our real names. Some of us do or have at one time worked for or with a company associated with The Walt Disney Company (is that vague enough for you?) For that reason, we try not to make ourselves too identifiable, because there may be problems if we do.

Who are your inspirations?

Weird Al. Warp 11. True Disney fans. And, of course, Walt Disney!

Do you have any nude pictures of Darlene?

Yes. Oh God, yes.

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