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About the Band


Darlene's sort of the focus of the band. It was her idea in the first place, and she writes most of the songs. She's obsessive about Disney figurines and fitness (the woman runs marathons).

On stage, Darlene paints a big black circle on her washboard belly and wears black bikini top for "The sexiest hidden Mickey you'll ever see." It's hard to miss.


Roy takes the bulk of the singing chores, and he's the mechanical genius who came up with our beanies-with-lightbulbs-that-look-a-little-like-Mickey-ears-but-not-enough-to-be-actionable hats. He's been going to Disneyland since he was a fetus, and his personal record for rides on Space Mountain in a single visit to the park is 40.


Cubby plays the drums and sings when he really has to. He's really into Disney history and is a very quiet person. Except for when he's playing, of course, then he rocks!

The Band

Edison Square, a dedicated Disney-fan-music-only band, first started playing seriously in 2000. Started by The Artist Today Known as Darlene, it has retained its core of three performers ("Cubby" and "Roy") with the occasional addition of some outsider when it seemed really, really necessary.

There are not a lot of paying gigs available to Disney bands (unless you're a band that just plays Disney songs, but there are elevators that do that), so Edison Square takes what it can get. Recently, legal problems and market realities have forced touring to be cut to a minimum, but they are still making new music as fast as they can.

The band's first serious album, Rock It to the Moon, was released in 2004 to be thoroughly and wholeheartedly ignored by critics and heavily scrutenized by media lawyers.Their next album, Brand Name, shared the same fate. We'll just have to wait and see how This High to Enter does.

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